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Whatever your culture or organizational needs, our team of strategy, creative, and tech professionals can help.


An extension of your team.

We earned our stripes as a digital agency.

That means we know the ins and outs of projects from initial discovery to final delivery. Agile. Waterfall. Everything in between. We'll do it all to meet your needs, and all with a dose of empathy, levity, and well, humanity.

Here are some outcomes we help with:

Better communication.

Communicate better with your employees

Better tools.

Build better tools for your field workers

Happier performance.

Work harmoniously (including everyone!)

Let’s change.

Culture Services

Engaging heads and hearts.

Internal comms

Communication is simple—until you multiply it by tens, hundreds, and thousands of employees. We can help. Whether you need to communicate compliance issues, safety concerns, major initiatives, or just want to keep up with transparency, we’ll help you get the message across.

Technology Services

Humanizing tech.


These days, everyone needs a little extra boost to meet performance goals. We build applications that help your teams work smarter—whether they’re in the office, in the field, or at home. And because every product is designed with a people-first approach, our applications help end-users and beneficiaries.

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Change is in the air.

Culture Consulting

Organizational culture is a living, breathing organism. So how do you tame a beast that’s constantly shape-shifting? By finding the experts that work with the culture you have instead of against it.

Culture consulting capabilities:

  • Change strategy
  • Research (interviews, surveys, etc.)
  • Executive videos (filming, production, and release)
  • Custom leadership training
  • Messaging audit for inclusive language
  • Team-building workshops
Internal Comms Services
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Seneca Live Experiences

Looking to build better behaviors? You need Seneca.