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Inclusion and love.

D&I, your way.

Culture+ Bridge is the self-guided, self-paced inclusion app designed to build bridges across difference.

Stop having the same old conversations.

We know what most D&I training looks like.

Flat, outdated content that merely skims the surface of nuanced issues. Stiff delivery that can at times feel punitive or even angry. No wonder most D&I training is only 7% effective. Culture+ Bridge changes everything.

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Doing D&I differently.

Empathy at the forefront.

Culture+ Bridge brings more storytelling, lived experiences, and context to today’s D&I issues.

Videos, articles, audio—oh my!

Culture+ Bridge provides a variety of 100% digital content types to keep your teams engaged.

Action beyond education.

Culture+ Bridge has interactive content and accountability features baked right in to initiate action.

Making awareness scalable.

Culture+ Bridge can help build individual awareness within companies of tens, hundreds, or even thousands.


What’s it like?

Sesame Street for D&I.

Ok, ok—we may not have the puppets, but we’ve captured the same teaching style. Why? Sesame Street is a champion at breaking down complex topics into fun, bite-sized lessons. Culture+ Bridge learning modules were created in that same spirit. It’s how we help your teams build knowledge in a safe, consumable, empathy-driven learning style.

Features & Benefits of Culture+ Bridge

Access is key.

Accessible from any device with browser access for self-paced, self-guided learning.

Evergreen, and ever-growing.

Content is constantly expanding, with new lessons added every few weeks.

Progress, measured.

Delivers measurable outcomes to common D&I goals and commitments.

A system that works for you.

Integrates with existing learning management systems (LMS).

Built with science.

The Culture+ Bridge learner’s journey is based on the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) standard of assessing cultural competence.

Custom tailored for success.

The list goes on... Reach out today to learn more.

Topics we cover:

Race & ethnicity

Caregivers & parents

Socioeconomic status

Topics that are coming soon:

  • Religion
  • Generations/age
  • Veteran status
  • Disability (visible & invisible)
  • Positionality (power distance & dynamics)
  • Country of origin
  • Education/pedigree
  • Gender

“When you know better, do better.”

— Maya Angelou

We help with the knowing part, so you can lean into the doing part.

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Give it a try.

Start building bridges across difference.