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Bringing lessons to life.

A way to keep going.

Seneca GO is a virtual accountability coach to help individuals continue their Seneca change journey long after the session is over.


Approximately 15 minutes, every day


Previous attendance of Seneca Leaders or Roots


A self-guided, virtual accountability app


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Progress takes practice.

It takes exercise to stay strong. Similarly, it’s just as important to flex and grow your culture muscles. The Seneca GO app is all you need.

This ever-growing digital toolkit helps you stay intentional about your own personal growth. We pick up where our Seneca experiences leave off, so you have the guidance to put Seneca concepts into action. Just 15 minutes, once a day—and you’re on your way to becoming the best version of you.


What our clients love about Seneca GO App:

We can relate.

Empathetic teaching style driven by storytelling and lived experiences

Easy to apply.

Real-world examples to help you connect concepts with behaviors

Start with “why.”

Introspection to help team members understand the “why” behind their actions

Impactful lessons.

Shows how small, personal changes can have a big impact on others

Convenient and self-guided.

With the app and your mobile device, you have a personal Seneca accountability coach

Let’s do this.

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Key issues Seneca GO app helps:

Continuing with your Seneca learning

Providing flexibility to work at your own pace

Engaging individuals and teams with interactive programming

Assessing transformation through culture analysis benchmarks

We'll deep dive into:

Topics we cover


Reflection, or mentally revisiting an event, is important. But real growth starts with introspection. That’s where we explore not only what happened, but why—so we can own our role in it.


Our behaviors are a direct extension of our conscious and unconscious beliefs. It takes an open mind and heart to understand where they come from, and the impact they have on others.


In its simplest form, trust is the belief that someone or something will act as promised. Family. Friends. Co-workers. Trust makes up the fabric of every single relationship.


Being honest. Being open. Uncovering and sharing the truth behind your thoughts and actions (even when it’s scary). Vulnerability is what unlocks motivation and belonging.

Servant leadership

Leading by putting the individuals of your team first. We think of it as the shift from, “What can I do?” to "How can I serve?"


We like to say, “Feedback is a gift.” But, as humans, we know it doesn’t always feel that way. We’ll share ways you can get better at giving feedback, and how to make the most of receiving it.

Psychological safety

Teams that feel safe are teams that work as one. Psychological safety allows members to “show up” as themselves—without fear of interpersonal consequences.


It’s not enough to invite people to the table. Inclusion is the next step—actively seeking out and valuing diverse perspectives that differ from your own.


Make it count.

Wait—you can measure culture?

Yes! Coming soon, we can sync up the Seneca GO app with Culture+ Counter, Softway’s culture measurement tool. The result: you get baseline culture data to know where to grow, and ongoing progress metrics to track individual or team journeys.

Facts we're feeling.

Humans quickly forget.

We forget roughly 75% of new info that isn’t applied within 6 days.

Source: Hermann Ebinghaus

We need help to remember.

After a month, we retain only 21% of new info that isn’t applied.

Source: Hermann Ebinghaus


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