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Critical leadership can save lives (and careers).

A different kind of care.

Seneca Leaders® helps clinician leaders, whether new or experienced, understand that when it comes to meeting critical outcomes, “doing no harm” begins with leadership behaviors.


Virtual: 1 day
In-Person: 2 days


No pre-work necessary, just an open mind

Group size

Virtual: 25 attendees
In-Person: 40 attendees


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*We adhere to CDC guidelines and recommendations for ALL in-person events.

Reliable leadership starts here.

This engaging, empathy-led experience focuses on guiding behaviors and practices that bring humanity and efficacy to the forefront.

Creating high-reliability cultures. Improving retention and morale. Addressing burnout and moral injury. We provide the tools to help you take a people-first approach to managing your team—while also achieving critical healthcare outcomes.

Healthcare mini-sessions
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Seneca Leaders® can help:

Boost clinician retention

Improve patient safety and quality of care

Enhance patient experiences while maintaining efficiencies

Open up new career paths to dedicated clinicians

Increase employee engagement to reduce clinician burnout

Facilitated by culture experts.
Vetted by healthcare leaders.

Four years ago, our own leaders inside of Softway began a powerful transformation journey, which helped us create Seneca Leaders®. Through Seneca, we share our path to radical culture change with other leaders and teams who are struggling with the same problems that nearly killed our business.

Today, we’re proud to partner with Relia Healthcare Advisors. With a combined 100 years of healthcare experience, Relia provides the real-world healthcare expertise to bring our empathy-driven guidance to the clinical world.


What people are saying about Seneca Leaders®:

“Leadership in its truest form isn’t about us as leaders—it’s about the people we serve. For me, this was an opportunity to reflect and gain tools for the next stage of leadership.”

“As leaders, if we make the mistake of thinking it’s all about us—or make the mistake of thinking that it’s not about something bigger than ourselves—then we’ve failed.”

“Seneca was unlike any other training times it was uncomfortable, but it was extremely educational—especially when it comes to the way we think and the way we influence those around us.”

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We’re hosting FREE 3.5-hour mini-sessions so you can experience Seneca Leaders for yourself. These short but impactful events dive into three of the 10+ topics from our full event—giving you a taste for our content, unique facilitation style, and dynamic approach.

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Our companion mobile experience provides even more engagement opportunities during sessions. Attendees just need their own mobile device to log in during the session.

We'll deep dive into:

Topics we cover

Reliable leadership

Leading by putting the individuals of your team first. We think of it as the shift from, “What can I do?” to "How can I serve?"


It’s not enough to invite people to the table. Inclusion is the next step—actively seeking out and valuing diverse perspectives that differ from your own.

Psychological safety

Teams that feel safe are teams that work as one. Psychological safety allows members to “show up” as themselves—without fear of interpersonal consequences.


Being honest. Being open. Uncovering and sharing the truth behind your thoughts and actions (even when it’s scary). Vulnerability is what unlocks motivation and belonging.


In its simplest form, trust is the belief that someone or something will act as promised. Family. Friends. Co-workers. It makes up the fabric of every single relationship.

Power dynamics

The best leaders understand their power and the influence that comes with it—in both formal and informal interactions.


Resentment serves no one. Forgiveness starts by seeking out someone else’s point of view and seeing the humanity behind their actions—even when they’ve negatively impacted you.


Our behaviors are a direct extension of our conscious and unconscious beliefs. It takes an open mind and heart to understand where they come from, and the impact they have on others.

Our offerings

Choose your fit (or both).


One-day event | Hosted on Zoom

Our virtual experience is a one-day, 8-hour event with plenty of breaks baked in for optimal engagement and a 30-minute break for lunch.


Two-day event | Hosted in person

Our in-person experience is spread out over two full days, hosted in a unique location offsite from a company’s workspace or campus. We are following the recommended CDC guidelines for our in-person events.

We can relate.

Empathetic teaching style driven by storytelling and lived experiences

Easy to apply.

Real-world examples to help you connect concepts with behaviors

Focused on you.

Introspection to help leaders understand the “why” behind their actions

Impactful lessons.

Shows how small, personal changes can have a big impact on others

Convenient and flexible.

Virtual and in-person options are available to suit your needs

Let’s do this.