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Seneca Leaders is a guided, virtual experience designed to answer the leadership challenges of today’s hospitals.

Our goal: help clinician leaders, whether new or experienced, understand that when it comes to meeting critical outcomes, “doing no harm” begins with leadership behaviors.

This mini-session provides some of the valuable learnings from our Seneca Leaders session in a free, 3 hour virtual experience. Don’t miss out.

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For every problem, we help build the critical leadership skills to solve them.


Our full session covers the common people problems plaguing today’s clinical environments. You’ll start learning how to solve these issues in our mini-session.

Challenges Seneca Leaders helps address:

  • Boosting clinician retention
  • Improving patient safety and quality of care
  • Enhancing patient experiences while maintaining efficiencies
  • Opening up new career paths to dedicated clinicians
  • Increasing employee engagement to reduce clinician burnout

“3 hours sounded like a long time…but the time flew by. So engaging, exciting, and fun. Time well spent.”

- Previous mini-session attendee

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Join us in our free mini-session, where you'll discover what makes Seneca Leaders unique and effective in an intimate group of your peers across the healthcare industry.

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Facilitated by culture experts.
Vetted by healthcare leaders.

Four years ago, our own leaders inside of Softway began a powerful transformation journey, which helped us create Seneca Leaders. Through Seneca, we share our path to radical culture change with other leaders and teams who are struggling with the same problems that nearly killed our business.

Today, we’re proud to partner with Relia Healthcare Advisors. With a combined 100 years of healthcare experience, Relia provides the real-world healthcare expertise to bring our empathy-driven guidance to the clinical world.


Meet the team who will take you on your Seneca Leaders journey:

Mohammad Anwar

CEO of Softway

Chris Pitre

VP of Softway


Ashley Vega

Associate Director


Lydia Hutchings Bardin

Project Lead

Jeff Ma

Director of Project Management

Frank Danna

Director of Culture & Seneca

How Seneca Leaders works:



One-day event | Hosted on Zoom | Second screen experience

Our virtual experience is a 3-hour event with plenty of breaks baked in for optimal engagement and a 30-minute break for lunch.


Zoom fatigue is real. That’s why we’ve built a companion mobile experience (no downloading necessary) as a second screen to provide more engagement opportunities within sessions. All you need is your mobile device, and you’re ready to go.


Unlike other trainings, every Seneca Leaders event relies heavily on stories and lived experiences. We have structured the session for a virtual environment to ensure attendees feel safe sharing, as well as listening to one another.

Due to the nature of conversation and topics, we do not record (audio or screen capture) any section of the session.


Stay focused with mobile.

You heard that right—we’re asking you to pick UP your phone during the session. Our companion mobile experience helps attendees stay engaged.

Group 1909

This isn't a training, it's a transformation.

To be clear, Seneca Leaders is the beginning of a transformation. It's the catalyst to spark change at the most fundamental and personal level. It's not training, because it's really a deconstruction of behaviors. It's a reckoning, as people come face to face with their personal accountability. It's a reconstruction of healthier behaviors and practices that puts leaders on a journey of culture transformation for greater patient safety, higher clinician engagement, reduced burnout, and more.

What makes Seneca Leaders unique?

    • We are practitioners—everything we teach comes from real-world examples.
    • We employ an empathetic teaching style driven by storytelling and lived experiences.
    • We cultivate introspection to help leaders understand the “why” behind their behaviors.
    • We've created a virtual learning environment that combines interactive second screen technology with top-tier facilitation that maximizes audience participation and concept retention.
Group 1897-dijon

1000+ leaders and execs from 46 countries have already experienced Seneca Leaders.

97% of attendees around the world agree this
training gave them tools to become better leaders.

Testimonials from previous attendees:

“Leadership in its truest form isn’t about us as leaders—it’s about the people we serve. For me, this was an opportunity to reflect and gain tools for the next stage of leadership.”

“As leaders, if we make the mistake of thinking it’s all about us—or make the mistake of thinking that it’s not about something bigger than ourselves—then we’ve failed.”

“Seneca was unlike any other training times it was uncomfortable, but it was extremely educational—especially when it comes to the way we think and the way we influence those around us.”


Group 1872

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