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A shared commitment.

Seneca Roots® is a companion learning experience for employees whose leaders have attended Seneca Leaders.


Virtual: 3-4 hours


We train you to train your employees. (Or we can step in and lead.)

Group size

Virtual: 10-15 attendees      In-person: 10-15 attendees


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It’s a “we” thing.

The culture change journey starts with leaders—but it can't stop there. Enter, Seneca Roots®.

Seneca Roots® is a companion to Seneca Leaders, but designed for the rest of the organization. This guided experience helps create a shared language and commitment between leaders and employees. The concepts we share span differences and create empathy, so real change is possible—regardless of where you sit in the organization.

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What our clients love about Seneca Roots®:

We can relate.

Empathetic teaching style driven by storytelling and lived experiences

Easy to apply.

Real-world examples to help you connect concepts with behaviors

Start with “why.”

Introspection to help team members understand the “why” behind their actions

Impactful activities.

Engaging activities that provide opportunities for personal growth

Convenient and scalable.

We train your trainers—and provide videos, digital worksheets, and more

Let’s do this.

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Key issues Seneca Roots® helps:

Understanding the role we all play in company culture

Supporting each other's personal change journeys

Making broad culture change scalable through guided sessions

Creating a shared language between leaders and employees

We'll deep dive into:

Topics we cover


Reflection, or mentally revisiting an event, is important. But real growth starts with introspection. That’s where we explore not only what happened, but why—so we can own our role in it.


Our behaviors are a direct extension of our conscious and unconscious beliefs. It takes an open mind and heart to understand where they come from, and the impact they have on others.


In its simplest form, trust is the belief that someone or something will act as promised. Family. Friends. Co-workers. Trust makes up the fabric of every single relationship.


Being honest. Being open. Uncovering and sharing the truth behind your thoughts and actions (even when it’s scary). Vulnerability is what unlocks motivation and belonging.


We like to say, “Feedback is a gift.” But, as humans, we know it doesn’t always feel that way. We’ll share ways you can get better at giving feedback, and how to make the most of receiving it.

Mindsets & attitudes

We all see the world through different lenses. While these perspectives are shaped by personal experiences—we don’t have to be stuck with them. It’s time to take a second look.

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It's go time.

100% virtual.

100% engaging.

Our companion mobile experience provides even more engagement opportunities during sessions. Attendees just need their own mobile device to log in during the session.

What people are saying about Seneca Roots®:


Marta C.

Seneca Roots®

"We went deep in a short amount of time with Seneca Roots. On the topic of resentment, I started to see where I exhibit those behaviors. I even had follow-up discussions at home."


Scott F.

Seneca Roots®

"This was a challenging but exciting session. The trainers were prepared and made people feel comfortable. I was able to spot some of my existing strengths, but also saw that I need to be more proactive about seeking feedback."


Priyanka G.

Seneca Roots®

"Other training focuses on how others are thinking. Seneca Roots is all about looking internally. I walked away with a better understanding of my own mindsets, and the need to bring more vulnerability into my work life and personal life."

Our offerings

Choose your fit.

Training your trainers

One-day event | Hosted on Zoom

Our seasoned facilitators will get your trainers up-to-speed on Seneca Roots. You’ll review content and learn the ins and outs of facilitation, so you can make scalable change inside your organization

Softway-facilitated events

One-day event (per session) | Hosted on Zoom

Want Softway to take care of it all? No problem. Our facilitators will talk through needs, plan with you, and then lead your Seneca Roots sessions.

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Stay focused with mobile.

You heard that right—we’re asking you to pick UP your phone during the session. Our companion mobile experience helps attendees stay engaged, whether in-person or remote.