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It’s time to work as one.

A path to performance.

Seneca Teams® helps you and your team develop deeper personal relationships and make meaningful change—together.


Virtual: 1 day
In-Person: 2 days


No pre-work necessary, just an open mind

Group size

Virtual: 25 attendees        In-person: 40 attendees


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*We adhere to CDC guidelines and recommendations for ALL in-person events.

Dream team material.

It's easy to think of high-performing teams as happy accidents. Sometimes, you put the right people together, and everything just clicks. But what about the other teams—the ones that don't work like magic?

We believe any team can be a high-performing team. It just takes the right mix of empathy and energy. Seneca Teams® was designed to help you get there by building trust, sharing vulnerabilities, and giving valuable feedback.


What our clients love about Seneca Teams®:

We can relate.

Empathetic teaching style driven by storytelling and lived experiences

Easy to apply.

Real-world examples to help you connect concepts with behaviors

Start with “why.”

Introspection to help team members understand the “why” behind their actions

Impactful lessons.

Shows how small, personal changes can have a big impact on others

Convenient and flexible.

Virtual and in-person options are available to suit your needs.

Let’s do this.


Key issues Seneca Teams® helps:

Nurturing high-performing team dynamics

Increasing awareness and accountability

Improving inclusion and belonging

Making it easier to give and receive feedback


Reflection, or mentally revisiting an event, is important. But real growth starts with introspection. That’s where we explore not only what happened, but why—so we can own our role in it.


Our behaviors are a direct extension of our conscious and unconscious beliefs. It takes an open mind and heart to understand where they come from, and the impact they have on others.


Resentment serves no one. Forgiveness starts by seeking out someone else’s point of view and seeing the humanity behind their actions—even when they’ve negatively impacted you.


In its simplest form, trust is the belief that someone or something will act as promised. Family. Friends. Co-workers. Trust makes up the fabric of every single relationship.


Being honest. Being open. Uncovering and sharing the truth behind your thoughts and actions (even when it’s scary). Vulnerability is what unlocks motivation and belonging.

Psychological safety

Teams that feel safe are teams that work as one. Psychological safety allows members to “show up” as themselves—without fear of interpersonal consequences.

Accountability & commitments

Humans are social creatures. That’s why it’s easier for us to reach our goals when there’s a sense of accountability. Embrace your intentions, share them with your peers, and get moving.

Working agreements

Every team has norms, whether they’re stated or not. Team working agreements allow you and your colleagues to speak the unspoken, and make room for positive change and shared accountability.


It's go time.

100% virtual.

100% engaging.

Our companion mobile experience provides even more engagement opportunities during sessions. Attendees just need their own mobile device to log in during the session.

What people are saying about Seneca Teams®:


Ashley K.

Seneca Teams®

"Softway did a fantastic job of keeping engagement and energy levels high throughout the day. I personally got a lot out of the session, learning new things about my team—and about myself."


Hamid R.

Seneca Teams®

"I’ve experienced a few leadership and professional training sessions, and Seneca Teams has been the most rewarding. The exercises were challenging—especially when it came to introspection and vulnerability—but I walked away with great insights for self-reflection."


Sonya R.

Seneca Teams®

"The experience touches upon leadership and team misbehaviors, and forces you to reckon with your own actions so you can do better in the future. Other courses don’t come close."

Our offerings

Choose your fit.

Seneca Teams

One-day event | Hosted on Zoom

Our virtual experience is a one-day, 8-hour event with plenty of breaks baked in for optimal engagement and a 30-minute break for lunch.

Seneca Teams

One-day event | Hosted in-person

Our in-person experience is spread out over two full days, hosted in a unique location offsite from a company’s workspace or campus.

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Stay focused with mobile.

You heard that right—we’re asking you to pick UP your phone during the session. Our companion mobile experience helps attendees stay engaged, whether in-person or remote.